Accessories play a key role in adding flair and personality to any outfit. Just adding a bit of it can do wonders with your styling. However, accessories only work positively when they are trendy and of better quality. This is when the Hype comes into the picture with its best selling collection. Hype offers different accessories ranging from wellies to bottles that are a must have. 

For your convenience, here we have shortlisted some of the best selling accessories of Hype that you can choose from. 

Top 5 Best Selling Accessories 

Here are the top bestseller accessories of Hype that can aid you in levelling up your styling. 

Kids Unisex Disco Leopard Wellies

The Disco Leopard Wellies are made from 100 percent rubber making it ideal for every kind of weather. For added durability, a secured base is also present. These wellies feature animal print with a monochrome Hype logo. 

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The shoes are wipe clean only and available in multiple sizes ranging from UK 10 to UK5. To buy Hype Kids Unisex Disco Leopard Wellies, you have to pay only GBP 4.99. 

Kids Unisex Navy Camo Wellies

Similar to Disco wellies, the Navy Camo wellies are also engineered from 100 percent rubber with a strong base. That said, these wellies are suitable for different terrains ranging from muddy trails to snowy roads. The wipe and rise cleaning makes it easy to remove all the dirt and debris from the shoes within no time. 

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The wellies feature a Camo pattern and are available in UK 10 to UK 5 sizes. When buying Hype Kids Unisex Navy Camo Wellies for GBP 4.99, you can choose from blue, orange and green colours. 

Girls Butterfly Wellies

Unlike the other two wellies, this one is only for the girls. The wellie is made from 100 percent black rubber fabric with multi coloured butterflies printed on it. 

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The wellies are available in sizes from UK 10 to UK 5 and buying Girls Butterfly Wellies can cost you around GBP 4.99. 

Unisex Scribble Heart Pink Crest Bottle

As evident from the name, the Heart Crest bottle features purple, pink and blue hearts printed against the black base. The bottle is engineered from aluminium, making it temperature proof. That said, the temperature proofing is accompanied by a screw top lid.

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The bottle is reusable, BPA free and has a storage capacity of 500 ml. All avail of these features, buy Scribble Heart Pink Crest Bottle priced at GBP 17.99. 

Pastel Collage Metal Bottle

This bottle features a Pastel Pantone abstract print, providing a stylish appearance to the bottle. It is also manufactured from aluminium and has an airtight screw lid, preventing spillage. 

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This 500 ml bottle is BPA free and can be reused multiple times. To buy a Pastel Collage Metal Bottle you have to pay GBP 17.99. 

Grey Women Slippers Boot

The Slipper Boots are a unique blend of boots and slippers. It offers the comfort of a slipper and the practicality of boots. That said, the Slipper Boot by Hype is made from 100 percent polyester offering ultimate comfort and warmth to the feet. The plain grey fabric with the Hype signature provides it with an elegant appearance. 

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The boots are available in UK 03 to UK 08 sizes and are priced at GBP 4.99. To leverage these unique features, buy Grey Womens Slippers Boot from Hype. 

Hype offers a wide range of accessories designed to complement your style and enhance your wardrobe. Crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that Hype is known for. Elevate your style with the best selling accessories by Hype and make a fashion statement wherever you go.

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