“Our vision is to offer stress free shopping experience across the globe.”


“Our mission is to provide the best customer service and shopping experience through millions of coupons.”

With affiliated merchants we offer digital coupons to the customer, who are interested in different merchants.
We provide full convenience on single touch point to the user who are just here for the specific merchant and
are interested in buying households to apparel stuff.

Getting coupons and deals are too easy on stravageek, click on the search tab and write your desired merchant
name to get all coupons and deals they are providing. A page appears full of get deals and get codes along with
description to make user satisfied that what he is going to get. After deciding the preferred choice just tap on the
tab to get the codes or deals.

As we are providing coupons, we have a scale of customer purchase history. Along with customers we are facilitating
brands the capacity to promote their CPG and target all the potential customers at scale.

stravageek Merchants

Here are some listed merchants