Ever wanted to monitor your metabolism while you were on the go? You can now, though!


I received this incredible little Lumen device, which monitors your metabolism quickly and accurately with only one breath. I can honestly say that Lumen has helped me tremendously with tracking my fasting state, even if I am only beginning my intermittent fasting adventure. You NEED to know if and when your body is burning fat to determine the effectiveness of your fasting. According to one study, it is indeed so effective that it has emerged as the gold standard for calculating metabolism. But it is for everyone, not just those who fast.


This is a milestone since prior to LUMEN , the only way to monitor your metabolism was in a hospital or clinic using the pricey and time-consuming RER (via the breath) test. You can learn a lot about how you process food from the amount of oxygen and CO2 you inhale and exhale. According to Lumen, a high CO2 level indicates that you are burning more carbohydrates, whilst a low CO2 level indicates that you are burning mostly lipids.

The convenient Lumen app made it simple to charge and set up the breathalyzer, which resembles a little vape pen. As it asked me personal questions about myself and what my wellness goals were, everything was quite simple to set up. I started using LUMEN  before I had consumed any food throughout the day, and my findings confirmed what I had suspected: I was burning more fat than carbs. I was astounded that such a tiny item could convey tremendous knowledge! Then, one evening, I used it after consuming a large baked potato, and it informed me that I was primarily burning carbohydrates.


This is how it goes. It does this by having you breathe into a portable Lumen gadget to determine how much carbon dioxide is in your body. These levels show what kind of fuel, a combination of fat and carbohydrates your body is using to create energy. By inhaling a defined volume of air through the Lumen device (dynamic to each individual), holding it for 10 seconds, and then fully expelling, a special breath movement is used to determine the CO2 concentration. You will really be guided through this procedure by the Lumen app, which will let you know when to inhale, hold, and exhale.


Every time you breathe into it, the machine analyzes your breath and evaluates it on a scale of 1 to 5, indicating whether your body is getting its energy from your fat reserves (the optimal "fat burning" condition), the carbohydrates you`ve taken, or both (a 3). It continues with a suggested diet plan outlining roughly how many servings of carbs, fat, and protein you should consume daily in order to boost your metabolism. Your body should normally be at a 1 or 2 when you wake up. However, if you awaken at a 4 or 5, it may indicate that your body is having trouble trying to digest.


Because LUMEN offers you specific recommendations on when and what to eat to fuel your activity, based on your metabolism, it`s almost like carrying a nutritionist around with you. Lumen helps you burn fat and increases metabolic flexibility, which is the capacity of your body to transition between using carbohydrates and fats as a fuel source quickly and effectively.

  Here are some advantages of LUMEN product.

·      Natural Weight loss:

Lumen aids in increasing metabolic flexibility, which enables long-lasting weight loss.

·       Less snacking:

Lumen aids in enhancing your body`s capacity to burn fat, which reduces appetite and lessens the need for frequent snacking.

·      Energy and mood boost:

Create a high-performing metabolism to boost your energy levels.


·      Enhanced weight maintenance:

By maximizing the body`s capacity to burn fat, a flexible metabolism enables your body to maintain a healthy weight.

·      Consistent blood sugar levels:

By increasing your metabolic flexibility, you can maximize your body`s capacity to burn carbohydrates and prevent blood sugar rises.

Since I measure in the morning, after eating, after working out, and before night, LUMEN  has truly become a part of my daily routine. I must admit that this is addictive in a positive way because I enjoy learning more and more about my body and how it breaks down food. I enjoy understanding how and what I should be eating on a daily basis, and this helps. But because they want to give their users the flexibility to make their own decisions, it does not exactly tell you what to eat. THAT is incredible. Instead, based on your daily findings, it suggests whether you should consume low, medium, or high carbs.