Starting a new planner right before the summer and the upcoming school year is a great idea. Even if you don`t really require a midyear schedule for academic purposes, a new beginning always has a way of inspiring and driving you.


Your current planner might be about to expire or it might not be serving you well. Or are you merely prepared for a fresh perspective on your year? I’m providing my greatest advice to help you get ready for your finest year yet, whether you`re using a midyear planner for the first time or are a seasoned pro.



·      Choose a Planner:

I was aware that choosing the ideal planner that suited my requirements and tastes would be necessary before I could begin my planning journey with FranklinPlanner. I was given a lovely range of alternatives to pick from when it came to layouts and cover designs.


I questioned myself as I considered my options in order to make a more informed decision. Did I want to plan and schedule on a monthly or daily basis? Or maybe a blend of the two? I considered how each format would work for my organizational style and its benefits.

Additionally, I thought about whether I would prefer a binder system that would provide me more freedom to add or remove pages as needed, as opposed to a bound planner that neatly contains everything within its pages. It was crucial to determine which choice would deliver the smooth planning experience I wanted.

With so many options, it was simple to become a little disoriented. But I reminded myself not to spend too much time on this first step. I came to the conclusion that choosing a planner that spoke to me personally and getting started right away were the most crucial steps. I knew that the sooner I started my planning journey, the sooner I would start to feel its benefits in my life.


·      Assemble Schedules:

I was assembling my itinerary as I gathered my future commitments because I knew I had to have a clear picture of everything I was handling. I started writing down all of the crucial dates and responsibilities that lay ahead with my FranklinPlanner by my side.


I firstly made sure to record birthdays and special days. These particular days are important in my life, so I wanted to make sure I had enough time to prepare and rejoice appropriately. The next item on the list was trips and vacations. Marking these dates made it easier for me to imagine the times when I would be away and schedule my other activities accordingly, whether it was a weekend break or a longer journey.

My itinerary included appointments for doctor visits, dental checkups, and any expert consultations because my health and fitness were important to me.

I then gave social gatherings and church activities some thought. These engagements offer chances for connection and enjoyment, from family gatherings to community events.

Being part of various clubs, groups, and nonprofits, I made sure to include their schedules and volunteer commitments.

 Of course, my work schedule held a prominent spot in my planner. As I marked my work hours, meetings, and deadlines, I could better manage my professional obligations and ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Lastly, I added my spouse`s schedule. It was important for me to be aware of their commitments and availability,

·      Pick your favorite supplies:

Even though Day Designer pages have a straightforward style, many of our creatively inclined friends like to give them some major flair. We`re talking cute dashboards, colored pens, washi tape, stickers for your agenda, and page markers. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, materials, and other factors within each of those categories. There are countless alternatives! It`s great that more and more businesses are offering planner stickers and accessories.



·      Examine 2018 Goals:


I am reminded of the transforming path I started that year as I think back on my 2018 goals and assess my progress using FranklinPlanner. Having a planner like FranklinPlanner helped me keep motivated and focused throughout the year. Setting goals is a powerful habit.

I can still feel the thrill I had when I initially set down my objectives for this year. The planner gave me the ideal area to state my goals and decompose them into manageable chunks. It kept me accountable and served as a continual reminder of what I wanted to accomplish.

Now that I`ve looked back at my 2018 objectives, I can see the development and successes I had. While some objectives were successfully attained, others might have changed or evolved. But watching my development and making modifications along the way was extremely helpful.


FranklinPlanner gave me the direction and organization I required to successfully pursue my objectives. I was able to outline my action plans, keep track of milestones, and acknowledge my accomplishments using its goal-setting pages and weekly planning sections.


·      Check the Priorities:


As I dive into my FranklinPlanner to check my priorities, I realize the importance of regularly assessing and reassessing what truly matters to me. While certain aspects like family will always remain at the top of my priority list, I understand that other things may have shifted over time. It`s crucial to reflect on where I want to focus my time and energy, considering what`s most important in this phase of my life. I also take a moment to evaluate the habits I`ve formed and determine which ones have stuck and which ones need more work. With a clear understanding of my priorities, I can confidently make decisions about what to keep, what to let go of, and what new endeavors to pursue for personal and professional growth in the remaining months of 2017. Let`s finish strong!



·      Record Everything:

Yay! Now that you`ve reached the most exciting stage of the procedure, it`s time to fill it all out! Put such occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, travels, and much more, on paper to see how everything fits together. Add your tasks, lists, and notes as necessary! Consider the days, weeks, and months that lie ahead.


Finally, admire your work and start working with a clear head. I am eager for you to see the improvement in productivity and attention, which will free up more time for the things that are really important.