In the journey towards safe and clean drinking water, selecting a proper water filter is significant. Ideally, a water filter is used to add minerals to the water and remove harmful bacteria from the water. Bacteria can cause significant health diseases in human beings. Survivor Filter is among the few platforms that design their filters using cutting edge technology, making them appropriate for home and commercial use. 

Here, we have mentioned the best selling bundles by Survivor filter that you can opt for and drink clean water. 

Discover Best Selling Bundles of Survivor Filter 

Below are the 4 best selling bundles of Survivor Filter to access cost effective clean water.

PRO Hydration Extender Kit

This kit offers unrivaled filtration with a level of 0.01 microns, the highest available on the market. Provides proven protection against tested viruses, bacteria, and parasites. One of the best features of this bundle is, reducing heavy metals and improving water taste. 

Here are the more features of this bundle kit.

  • Tested at multiple USA labs.

  • Achieve log 5 removal of 99.999 percent of Protozoa.

  • Tested against multiple viruses.

  • Significantly remove Mercury and Lead. 

  • Comes with a pre filter capacity of 26,417 gallons.

  • Carbon filter has a capacity of 528 gallons

  • Ultrafilter provides 26,417 gallons of capacity.

This kit comes with the following components

  • Survivor filter pro pump 

  • 2x ultra filter pre filter 

  • 2x carbon filter 

  • 2x internal ultra filter 

  • 2x Inlet silicone hose, 7 of 32 ID x 3.25 ft 

  • 2x outlet silicone hose, 7 of 32  ID x 1 ft 

  • 2x hose clip 

  • 2x carrying case 

  • 1x back washing syringe, 1 of 4 ID 

  • 1x user manual

To avail of these features buy PRO Hydration Extender Kit just for USD 99.95.

CANTEENS Collapsible 33 Oz. 8 Pack Kit

This 8 pack kit is one of the best selling products, is easy and reliable, comes with high capacity, and is lightweight. The kit can be folded, rolled up, flattened, or attached to your Survivor Filter or backpack. Attaches securely to the Survivor Filter straw without leaking, and is also easy to clean.

Following are some more features of the kit.

  • Each canteen holds 1 liter of water. 

  • Comes with an integrated handle for easy carrying. 

  • Weighs only 2.4 ounces, up to 90 percent less than bulk and hard bottles.

  • Easily fits in your glove box, tackle box, knapsack, or bug out bag.

  • Comes with a push pull cap to protect the mouthpiece from dirt and damage. 

  • Stand upright as a water bottle when filled. 

  • The straw boasts a super fast flow rate of 15 ounces per minute. 

  • Easily distinguish clean and dirty water from the red and blue carabiners. 

  • Comes with a collapsible water container.

You can shop CANTEENS Collapsible 33 Oz. 8 Pack Kit priced just for USD 60.00.

Replacement Filter for Active All Terrain, 2 Pack

The pack of 2 filters is ideal for having clean water during outdoor activities. This high quality filter pack is made in the USA from a proprietary Ionic Adsorption Filtration media. 

Here are the more features of this filter.

  • Easy to use simply remove the used filter and replace it with a new one. 

  • Offers 426 refills, 100 gallons, or 3 months of daily use.

  • Removes chlorine, VOCs, chemicals, bacteria, and parasites.

  • Free from unpleasant tastes and odor.

  • Designed to prevent mold or mildew from growing. 

  • The filter uses a drop-in method to keep it secured into the bottle.

Shop Replacement Filter for Active All Terrain, 2 Pack just for USD 35.00.

Max, 2 Stage Filter and Replacement Filters Set

This kit comes with the combination of SURVIVOR FILTER Max, 2 stage fluoride, and Chlorine. This kit is in line home filter a comprehensive filtration system designed to provide clean and safe drinking water in any environment. 

Here are some more features of this filter set.

  • The set includes replacement filters, allowing for extended use and continuous access to clean water.

  • Certified by the WQA

  • Standards 42 for chlorine removal, taste, and odor.

  • Comes with 95 percent removal of fluoride in municipal tap water.

  • Easy to use and maintain, with simple instructions for filter replacement and cleaning.

To avail of these features buy Max, 2 Stage Filter + Replacement Filters Set just for USD 380.00.

These were the top 4 best selling bundles by Survivor Filter that help people access drinkable and clean water. The brand has been providing top notch quality filters that fit the varied requirements of the customers. Whether you need it for an outdoor adventure or for home, Survivor Filter has it all. 

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